My Own

The lines I drew were never quite clear,

I always attempted to trace,

It wasn’t until I gave up hope

That I arrived in the right place.


See, I had tried so hard to replicate

All I had seen before

Unaware of how that idea shrunk me

And kept me from opening the right doors.


I stand before this corridor of passageways

Still unsure which one to choose,

However, I know not to follow another

For I have nothing to lose.




If we sit side by side,

At the edge of the brook,

Will you trace circles on my knee

Whilst I steal an admirable look?

If we share a meal,

In an intimate setting,

Will you stay right there with me

All the while forgetting?

Should we falter,

Or wane in our Lust,

Will you reveal yourself

As someone I can Trust?



Thank You

I hear you murmuring

at the most unexpected of times

riddling my mind with humor

and assuring me that it’s fine.

I don’t get caught up anymore

I’m not lost on my own

I am learning day by day

through what I have been shown.

Thank you for your counsel

For the lessons and strain

I trust in this process

And won’t use what I’ve learned

In Vain.


I have accepted this apparition

That seems to have made a home in and around me.

It was once more of a poltergeist,

Quick, clumsy, rude, and powerful

Beyond belief.

No longer terrified, I look to it

As more of a friend, a confidant.

I share my secrets,

I welcome it in,

I stare it in the eyes,

well-knowing it will not win.