When life holds you in its highest regards,

Say Thank You.

When the shit hits the fan,

Bask In It.

When you fall in love,

Relish It.

In the space between,

Appreciate It.

When you have a bad day,

Acknowledge It But Don’t Embody It.

Hold you friends close.

Hold your family dear.

Be kind to strangers

and to yourself.

Welcome fear,

but don’t give it the keys to the car.

This is your ride.

Own it and navigate with it as you will.

You have the control.



Thank You

I hear you murmuring

at the most unexpected of times

riddling my mind with humor

and assuring me that it’s fine.

I don’t get caught up anymore

I’m not lost on my own

I am learning day by day

through what I have been shown.

Thank you for your counsel

For the lessons and strain

I trust in this process

And won’t use what I’ve learned

In Vain.


I have accepted this apparition

That seems to have made a home in and around me.

It was once more of a poltergeist,

Quick, clumsy, rude, and powerful

Beyond belief.

No longer terrified, I look to it

As more of a friend, a confidant.

I share my secrets,

I welcome it in,

I stare it in the eyes,

well-knowing it will not win.


Lucky Stars

Surrendering the day with a full heart,

I smile and rest my head,

I prepare myself for the next fresh start,

Also known as the day ahead.

My quarters are shrouded in black,

The light breeze caressing my skin,

I am grateful to look back

And appreciate what this day has been.

Goodnight to all my  plans,

Goodnight to all my loves,

I take this time to shut my eyes

And gently give a shove;

I push away my doubts,

I thank my lucky stars,

“Your passion won’t soon run out

because you know who you are.”