Well Wishes

Before I lay my head down to rest,

I sent a whisper through the air.

I hoped it would reach across an ocean

and that it would put you at ease,

even though I am no longer there.

I wrapped it in the beauty we possessed,

I wrapped it in silk love,

I wrapped it in when we were at our best,

Where dewy nights and absent fireworks

Made me hold you high above.


I do not send over the sadness, the madness,

Or strife,

That would not feel right.


Like allowing  a firefly to linger,

gently making its way

to the tips of your finger.

I send only the gentle, the true, the hope,

I do not send the doubts or the

unraveling of the rope.


The truth is, somewhere in here I was lost.

I tried to make you happy,

I tried to ignore the cost.

The fragility of it all was too much too soon,

I knew that, should this go on.

I would continue shielding my tears

From the moon.


This stays with me, yes it does.

But it could never take away all that was.

The humid summer nights,

The joy of first touch,

The feel of your hands,

The strength of the lust.

Lust soon turned love,

The feeling never fleeting,

Please forgive me for this,

I never planned on leaving.


You stay playing on my mind,

there is no one else.

I believe that things were difficult for us,

and I lost myself.

I send my well wishes,

I ignore the pain,

Just know these feelings aren’t forever,

and that we must trust the rain.



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