There is a softness, a stillness

that is a bit lost, but a willingness

a force nature, water colors mixed on the paper.

Color spewing from every which way

glowing, inviting, exhilarating, a beam of light in my day.

It glimmers and it dances about

and sometimes it even hides and refuses to come out.

When it hides behind the branches, it goes astray

But I know where to find it at the end of the day.

Sometimes it is an exhibit for all to see,

Sometimes it is meant for only me, or someone like me.

I nurture it and cradle it in my arms,

I can feel its energy through to my palms.

My heart races

I hold it close in my embrace.

It is what I am made up of, it keeps me warm

It guides me through the wildest of storms.

Sometimes it disappears, but that is very rare

I can feel it constantly,

I know it’s still there.

It ignites me, lights me, inspires me to no end,

And I know the road ahead is filled with beautiful bends.

Bends that will challenge me and lead me to success,

To a life I have created without the overwhelming need to impress.

I will smile and be bright

And share my light while I ride on through.



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