Urgency Lost

Here I am.

Right Here.

I breathe it all in.

For a moment, the chaos subsides and I take a moment to look outside. I take a moment to close my eyes. I take another moment to trace my skin with my fingers, to drink in the silence, to feel my heart beat, slow and courageous.

The air breezes in and out of my lungs sweetly and feels like a serene pool of water.

Pure and clear.

No expectations.

I am alone.

There is no chatter or inescapable noise. There is no urgency.

Just me.

Warm lights look back at me. They are the ever hopeful lights of New York City. The city that holds all of my secrets, my deepest desires, the wild nights and the never ending fire.It cradles me and shows me the way, and more than ever fuels my yearning for another chaotic day.


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