Take a breath!

One of my biggest issues as an actor and as, well, a literal human being, is probably remembering  to breathe. For some reason I store tension in weird places all over my body and I notice that a lot when I am doing acting exercises or simply trying to reach for my toes. I have never been able to touch them. I am about as flexible as a steel rod. But lately I have noticed it more in my day to day life when I am sitting on the train or laying in bed. I’m taking shallow breaths of nothingness and now that I am more aware,I have made it a point to change that ish.

We all know the old saying “Just breathe! It will be okay.” Here are some things to keep in mind when you do take a second to just…stay alive in the most positive way!

1. Know that if you are stressed, it won’t last forever.

When it seems like everything is piling up on top of you, remember that we all go through seasons in our lives. Sometimes these seasons are amazing because everything seems in balance and great things are happening. While they are, take time to appreciate and really be present. We all have a tendency to focus on whats next even when things are going really well. When they aren’t going so well, the number one thing to remember is that it is temporary. You have the power to change your mindset, how you react, how to go about changing things for the better. This is your life and no one elses. You don’t want to go through life and feel like you have been held back.

2. You have control!

Even when emotions and situations seem out of your control and you know that it’s easier to give into the negative, try not to because you do have that control. What you don’t have control of is other people and that’s why it’s easy to get frustrated. But if you are going through a hard time in your life with someone or with work or lack thereof, remember that you have people who love and care about you and who want to see you succeed. Also remember that it really is easier to give in to the negative,so challenge yourself and choose to be positive. However, if you are absolutely sure something is not working for you,it may be time for change. It might be hard to come to terms with but when you do it may be a huge relief!

3. You are responsible.

If you are consistently complaining about how much you hate your job or how things never work out for you or about how you are giving up,that’s on you. It’s okay to complain or cry or let things out. It’s actually healthy! But it can’t be apart of you. You can’t let those bad thoughts consume you or you will never make progress. You are responsible for how your life is going and your mindset is key. It may take practice,but don’t let yourself be robbed of the now because of the past or because of anxiety for the future.

4. Appreciate what and who you have.

In both dark times and in busy exciting times we tend to push away those we are closest to. Many people care about you and love you  and want to see you do well. If someone is changing their old ways to show you how much they care for and want to support you and are genuine about it, consider giving them the chance. If you feel like you have no one, thats usually not the case. There is always someone to talk to who wants to be there for you. Also take a look at all that you have done, what you have, and the effort you are putting in. It will all pay off!

5. It’s okay to be upset. Allow yourself time.

Give yourself some time. You may be emotionally scarred or you may be figuring out your next move. Get upset over it. Cry. Rant. Write. Read. But do it all so you can heal. Allow yourself to heal. But in doing so,keep in mind that it should not be taking over your life. Sure,a day or two to be genuinely upset and to take time to yourself can be very helpful. But by the time a few weeks or months build up and you still are having trouble, you may need to make some major changes. It will be hard,it will be scary. But you always have to put yourself first.

So next time you forget to take a breath because of the things you are going through, good or bad, just keep some of these things in mind. Appreciate the growth, what you have seen and done, and all that you will see and do. Your life is truly in your hands.



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