To this point.

What exactly has brought me to this point? What has finally clicked within me, urging me to write again? I have realized how therapeutic and valuable writing actually is to me. It has been there for me through my darkest times, my best and most exciting times, and those in between times where you are kind of just like….”so…today  I got up and did some laundry and ate a Crunch bar. Fin.”

I’m not here to write a novel…yet. (I think eventually I will, but for now I will stick to working on my writing and sharing stories and thoughts here and there.} Then again, I am sure a lot of people are not here to write novels. This is like a safe haven…until I decide to open up and allow people to know the link to this website. Maybe that will be tomorrow. Maybe a month, a year, or never. I really don’t mind either way.

I think a few of the main reasons I have decided to start a blog is because A. I love writing, B.I want to work on my skills, C. I have a lot of creativity that I am not using, and D. my friend Greg Dybec just published his first book called The Art Of Living Other Peoples Lives. Going to Barnes and Noble and seeing his book on the shelf really inspired me and filled me with undeniable happiness but also a tinge of “Hey…you actually can do this too. You know how to write. What gives? GO FOR IT.”

The thing is, when you are a 20-something year old actor trying to make it in this cold, exciting, opportunity-filled city, you kind of lose sight of the other things you are good at. You become consumed, or at least I have, with figuring out that next step and how to get into the next audition room to show them you are right for the part and that you won’t let them down and that your headshot and resume are gold because you got thm done by a well-respected  photographer and that you take lessons with the finest and have the energy to light up a theater every single night and the list goes on and on and on. A lot goes into being an actor. And then suddenly its like BAM I forgot that I love to write and read and paint and play sports and have really become obsessed with this self image that just takes over my thoughts and fills me with anxiety that motivates me but also makes me squirm and move 24/7. Basically in my brain I have been saying IAMANACTORIAMASINGERTHISISALL. But that is definitely not true.

So, I guess this is the long-winded way of me trying to say that I have come here because I have been inspired. I have come here because, especially lately, I have a lot on my mind. I have come here because I think I have great stories to tell, fiction and non-fiction, plays,  and also some songs and poetry up my sleeve. Hey, look at me! I’m goin’ for it.


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